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Working for Richmond's


Our town lies in an ecological "sweet spot" between the rugged slopes of the Green Mountains and the Winooski River floodplain, providing wildlife with a variety of habitat choices in all seasons. Rich soils along the river and elsewhere support both large and small farms, and recreational and educational opportunities abound across our diverse landscape. 

The Richmond Land Trust works with landowners to find economically and environmentally sound ways to conserve important resources for current and future generations. We've conserved forestland, farms, shorelines, scenic vistas, wildlife habitats, recreational areas and historic sites.


We tailor each project to meet the landowner’s family and financial objectives as well as our own conservation goals and stewardshihp capabilities. When funding is required, we look to sources such as the Richmond Conservation Reserve Fund, the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, and individual donors.

Following landowner wishes


There are two basic paths to conserving land -- either an organization like ours acquires and manages it, or the owner keeps the land and signs an agreement to conserve its important, specified resources. Future owners must also abide by the agreement. The details are described in a legally binding document called a conservation easement.

When we acquire land, we create a management plan that will protect its resources while allowing public access. As the owner, we are responsible for the land's upkeep and for paying property taxes and insurance costs for the land. 

When landowners retain ownership, we work with them on writing a conservation easement that reflects their long-term wishes for the property, including how they want to continue using it and what they want to conserve. Once the land is conserved, we'll advise on management issues and schedule annual an annual stewardship monitoring visit. You can find more about conservation easements here.

Consider conserving


If you'd like to ensure that your land's best features last for generations to come, to benefit your family and others, please get in contact with us for a confidential discussion of the process and the options and benefits that may be available to you.

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What and how we conserve

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