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Beeken Rivershore

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Along the south bank of the Winooski River' on Cochran Rd., the Warren and Ruth Beeken Rivershore Preserve protects approximately 35 acres of rare, silver maple-ostrich fern floodplain forest. It is named for its donors, two devoted local conservationists. Among the species spotted there are eagles, moose, fox, beaver, waterfowl and many others. The Rivershore Trail runs through the Preserve. Parking and easy canoe and kayak access to the river. Hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, tubing,, fishing, birding, MAP  PARKING



This small parcel needs to be approached from the Winooski River. You'll find it on the river's east bank, on the right shortly after you float under the Route 2 highway bridge and pass the heavy equipment dealership on the opposite shore. It's an ideal place for a quiet rest or picnic during a paddle or float. You can put in and take out at our Rochford Delbianco or Beeken Rivershore Preserves. Please stay on the river side of the tracks -- the railroad prohibits crossing them. Paddle-in fishing, picnics. MAP PARKING

Huntington River


This highly scenic and historic preserve protects 23 acres along the Huntington River Gorge on Dugway Rd., including the dramatic Upper Section and Triple Buckets. We established it in 1995 with help from the State of Vermont and expanded it in 2018 with the assistance of the Vermont River Conservancy. Careful visitors can enjoy its deep pools for swimming and fishing. Please do not venture into or above the Upper Section's dangerous cascades, where many people have drowned. Parking is very limited. Please respect neighborhood peace and quiet. Swimming, fishing. MAP PARKING


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Cochran Rd. Approximately 19 acres of floodplain forest on the Winooski River and, across the road, 42 upland acres of hardwoods, hemlock and old apple orchards. Donated in 1990 by and named for George Safford, a beloved friend to many in town. Please park at the Beeken Rivershore Preserve canoe access or other nearby parking areas. You can then safely walk the river trail to the preserve while respecting the privacy of the neighbors. Hiking, fishing, birding, skiing, showshoeing, hunting.  MAP PARKING

Bombardier Meadow


A 10-acre working hay field and floodplain forest at the junction of the Huntington and Winooski Rivers, south of the Jonesville Bridge. Acquired and conserved by RLT in 2009 with funds from the Richmond Conservation Reserve Fund and the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board. Named for the Bombardier family, which had farmed the land for generations and sold it to RLT at a below-market price. Please  park only in designated areas along road, and walk only on the field's edge. Fishing, canoeing, kayaking, tubing, birding. MAP PARKING

Gillett Pond


On Wes White Hill Rd. and Richmond's border with Huntington, this popular preserve protects about 100 acres of land and shoreline plus the pond itself. Construction has started to replace its old and leaky dam with a new, stronger one. We're now raising funds needed to further improve access to Pond and maintain the dam for the future. Please help finish the project.  More information here. Skating, skiing, snowshoeing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and birding. MAP PARKING

Rochford Delbianco


Approximately 10 acres of Silver Maple-Ostrich Fern floodplain forest lying between the Winooski River and a farmed cornfield on Johnnie Brook Rd. This natural community is now very rare in Vermont. As with our Beeken Rivershore Preserve, huge ferns give the Rochford Delbianco Preserve a primordial feel throughout the summer. Please reach the river by walking the edge of the field, avoiding the farmer's crops. The preserve is named for Marcia Rochford and Gail Delbianco, who donated the land to RLT in 1987. Fishing, canoeing, kayaking, tubing, skiing, snowshoeing, birding. MAP PARKING

Willis Hill

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West Main St. (Rt. 2). RLT acquired this 20-acre parcel in 2018 to protect Donavan Brook, its wetland and an exciting sledding hill. It adjoins the athletic fields for Richmond Elementary School and Camels Hump Middle School. RLT donated part to the school district to expand the fields. It also serves the schools as an outdoor nature lab kids can walk to. On-site parking in the RLT lot off Rt. 2 next to Riverside Cemetery. Sledding, skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, birding. MAP PARKING

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