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Safford Brown Preserve


Acquisition History


Baseline Documentation
    Boundary Adjustment Application
    Contour Map
    Forest Inventory
    Orthophoto Map
    Photos and Photolocation Map
    Vermont Property Transfer Tax Return
    Purchase and Sale Agreement
    Preserve Sign
    Soils Map
    Stewardship Plan 1998-2008
    Surveyor's Map
    Trail Map
    Vegetation List
    Warranty Deed (Safford)
    Wildlife List
    Warranty Deed (Brown)


Documents for New Landowner of Easement


Field File for Stewardship


Landowner Contact Info


Legal File


Maps and Orthophotos
    6K Parcel Aerial Photo
    Soils Photo
    24K Parcel Aerial Photo


Natural Resources






Stewardship Activities


Stewardship Monitoring Reports
    Blank Stewardship Monitoring Report

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