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West Monitor Barn Property

Acquisition History


Baseline Documentation
    Herrtua Bill of Sale
    Herrtua Limited Certificate of Title
    Herrtua Warranty Deed

Documents for New Landowner of Easement


Field File for Stewardship




Landowner Contact Info


Legal File
    Historic Preservation Easement
    Deed to VYCC
    Mortgage Deed from RLT to VHCB
    Discharge of Mortgage (VHCB)
    Mortgage Deed from VYCC to VHCB
    RLT Corporate Resolution
    Property Transfer Tax Return (land and barn)
    Certification of Site Plans
    Property Transfer Tax Return (Historic Preservation Easement
    Right of First Refusal from VYCC
    Subordination Agreement
    Act 250 Permit
    Letter from Division for Historic Preservation

Maps and Orthophotos
    Soils Map
    24K Aerial Photo
    6K Aerial Photo


Natural Resources






Stewardship Activities

     2013 Trail Plan with comments from Jon and Brad
    2013 Trail Plan with RLT comments
    2015 Emails with Breck
    2015 Discussions with VYCC
    Stewardship Summary
    VYCC Natural Communities Map 1-27-14
    VYCC Trail Plan 10-17-13
    VYCC Wildlife Habitat Map 1-27-14

Stewardship Monitoring Reports
    2005 Monitoring Report
    2006 Monitoring Report
    2007 Monitoring Report
    2008 Monitoring Report
    2009 Monitoring Report
    2010 Monitoring Report
    2011 Monitoring Report
    2012 Monitoring Report
    2013 Draft Monitoring Report

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